“Take A Walk” Witbier

“Sit And Stay” ISBA

“Chase My Tail” Pale Ale

“Shake A Paw” Smoked Porter

“Go Fetch” Hoppy Saison

“Play Dead” IPA


7:00 with “Take A Walk” Witbier

goat cheese & wild mushroom crostini

7:20 with “Sit And Stay” ISBA

grilled spot prawns brushed with garlic infused olive oil

7:40 with “Chase My Tail” Pale Ale

Poulet aux Quarantes l’Ail; roasted chicken stuffed with garlic cloves & slow-roast, served in puff pastry cups

8:00 with Shake A Paw Smoked Porter

coffee rubbed Hopcott Farms beef carpaccio served with charred Windset Farms tomato relish

8:20 with Go Fetch Hoppy Saison

Bengal-style coconut seafood curry with lime leaves & ginger

8:40 with Play Dead IPA 

“flaming Alaska”; sponge cake layered with fresh berries & heavy cream, topped w/ meringue, doused with over-proof rum & flambéed


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